North Carolina Discoveries: Somerset Place
Somerset archive from the Nando Times online.

North Carolina's Albemarle Region
From the first exploration by English colonists in 1584, to protestation against British tyranny in 1774, to invasion by Union troops during the Civil War, the Albemarle has been a witness to major events in American history.

Slavery in North Carolina: A Pathfinder
East Carolina University Library

Antebellum North Carolina
A lesson plan from Learn NC. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Cultural Landscape of the Plantation
Controversial exhibition on slave life curated by George Washington University American Studies Professor John Michael Vlach. Images of plantation buildings from Library of Congress collections matched with the testimonies of former slaves recorded during the 1930s.

The Underground Railroad
"Taking the Train to Freedom." A general overview of the Underground Railroad, with a brief discussion of slavery and abolitionism, escape routes used by slaves, and alternatives for commemoration and interpretation of the significance of the phenomenon. National Park Service.

A Guide to Records of Antebellum Southern Plantations
from the Revolution through the Civil War

Selections from the Southern Historical Collection: Tidewater and Coastal Plains of North Carolina.

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad; Postcard

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