A Few Contemporaries of Wolfe

Thomas Wolfe

F. Scott Fitzgerald [P]

F. Scott Fitzgerald
A celebration designed to elevate awareness of a great American author: his writings, his life, and his relationship with other writers of the twentieth century.

Fitzgerald's Sensible Thing
The story of how a small but dedicated group of artists worked against the odds to bring their vision of American literature to the screen.

The Great Gatsby Online Resource
A study guide to Fitzgerald's greatest novel. The mysterious Jay Gatsby tracks his lost love, Daisy.

Ernest Hemingway [P]

The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum
The American author whose ideas of courage and honor in a confusing and hostile world remain an inspiration to this day. Enjoy a leisurely and inspiring tour of his mansion and gardens.

The Hemingway-Pfeifer Museum and Educational Center
Based at the one-time home of Hemingway's second wife, Pauline Pfeifer. A portion of the author's Farewell to Arms was written in a studio on this property.

The Hemingway Cookbook
Over 20 adventurous food and drink recipes from the author's life and art. Presented with Hemingway's own words, the recipes give the reader a true taste of the life and literature that redefined writing in the twentieth century.

Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker, Queen of the Algonquin Round Table

Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker's New York
Kevin Fitzpatrick's "Dot City" is devoted to Dorothy Parker's life in New York: a virtual tour of haunts, hangouts and points of interest once frequented by this unique writer and poet.

The acerbic wit and stinging tongue of Mrs. Parker found more than a few targets at the Algonquin Round Table in New York City — and elsewhere as well. "Oh, Louise," she jabbed at Max Perkins's wife during Louise's dinner party for F. Scott Fitzgerald, "you talk as if God were always listening." Parker and her husband, Allen Campbell, made Max uncomfortable because he "thought they were still living in sin," according to Elizabeth Lemmon, Perkins's long-time friend.

Thomas Wolfe visited Parker in Hollywood in September 1935, during a trip to the west. "Dorothy Parker seems to like me," he told Max Perkins on the first, "swears she does, and last night told a room full of people that I was built on a heroic scale and that there was no one like me. Maybe the old girl is laughing at me behind my back and making wicked jokes about me but I think she meant what she said. She and her young husband are living in a magnificent imitation Colonial house . . . and the liquor and hospitality flows like the Mississippi — I am going there again this afternoon."

The Dorothy Parker Poetry Archives
Online postings of Parker's three volumes of poetry.

Dorothy Parker A Comprehensive Bibliography
From the "Utica Drop Forge & Tool Co."

Ring Lardner [P]

Ring Lardner
From Perspectives in American Literature: A Research and Reference Guide.

Edna Ferber

Edna Ferber
Buttered Side Down - An online collection of short stories by Edna Ferber, from the Virginia State Library.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings [P]

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Yearling. University of Florida.

[P] Like Thomas Wolfe, these writers were "Perkins authors" at Charles Scribner's Sons in New York.

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